‘All Our Yesterdays’ by Faye Whittaker

I’ve been an admirer of Faye Whittaker’s All Our Yesterdays cross-stitch range for quite awhile now.  However, with numerous other projects waiting for my attention, I’ve never gotten around to doing one.

One morning, I was getting ready for a hospital appointment.  If you’ve ever spent anytime in a hospital waiting area, I’m sure you can appreciate how tedious it can be sitting around waiting for your name to be called.  I decided to bring some stitching with me to help pass the time.  I picked one of the cross-stitch gifts that come free with Cross-Stitcher Magazine.  It was an ideal choice as they are small and easy to pack away quickly.  As it happened, the issue I grabbed came with a Faye Whittaker ‘All Our Yesterdays’ sample.  It seems I was destined to do an All Our Yesterdayscross-stitch.

As I expected, the waiting room was full.  Luckily, there was a seat available in a quiet little corner so I grabbed.  Settling myself in for a long wait, I opened my needlework travel bag and began stitching.  I do enjoy doing these Cross-Stitcher Magazine kits from time to time.  They’re small, portable and easy to whip out and work on in a cramped environment.  Best of all, they are super quick to stitch.  A big plus as I like to finish what I start before moving on to the next project.  I knew I would be able to finish this cute, little sample later that evening.

I’ve been charmed by Faye Whittaker’s artwork, for awhile now, but it wasn’t until I began working on this design, that I began to appreciate her work.  The colours are soft and muted just like Ms. Whittaker’s watercolour palette.  The children are quaint, winsome and embody the innocence of that time.  I was amused by the demonstration of the British capacity for coping with adversity.  Anyone else would have grabbed the beach ball and made a mad dash for the car at the first sign of rain.  Not these plucky youngsters.  They are British and they came prepared.  The boy simply opens an umbrella, shields the girl from the drizzle and they carry on with their day at the beach.  You gotta love it.

After completing the design and popping in a frame, I have added Faye Whittaker cross-stitch kits to my ever-growing list of projects I want to do.  (sigh) I’ll have to ask The Powers That Be if they could perhaps grant me a 36-hour day now and then so I can catch up with this list.

Click here now to view this piece in my Needlework Gallery.

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