20th Wedding Anniversary Week

My husband turned all mysterious and secretive last week.  Normally this sort of behaviour piques my curiosity.  I would hover around him like a mosquito and pepper him with questions.  But this time I was busy trying to complete an overdue writing assignment so I let it go.

On Thursday, he announced to the kids that he was taking me out to dinner Saturday night.  I looked up at him briefly then carried on typing.

‘I’ve made the reservations for 7 o’clock,’ he informed us.  Turning to me he continued.  ’We need to leave here at 6 sharp cause I don’t really know where it is.’  Now he had my full attention.

You see, it’s normally me who makes all the arrangements for a night out.  Awesome Dude’s primary contribution to an evening out is transport and cash.

‘And what has brought all this on,’ I queried.  ‘It’s our 20th wedding anniversary,’ he replied.  ‘Nearly,’ I said.  ‘It’s actually on Wednesday the 24th.’  ‘Yes, I know,’ he countered, ‘but it’s just easier if we go out on Saturday.’  I took exception to this and told him as much. 

‘Our wedding day and all subsequent anniversaries are our special days,’ I lectured him.  (Men love when you do that.)  ‘They’re not like American presidents’ birthdays that can be swapped around to whatever day is suitable.’

Still I was touched that he organized a dinner all by himself (bless him).  ‘So where are we going,’ I asked.  ‘Not telling,’ he answered.  ‘It’s a surprise.’  ‘But I need to know what to wear,’ I explained.  ‘Don’t worry about it,’ he replied.  ‘You always look nice no matter what.’  Honestly, men just don’t have a clue.

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