A Day At The Craft Fair

I spent most of Sunday at the International Craft and Hobby Fair.  Three shows, 200 exhibitors and a bored 12-year-old son.  I’m still worn out.  But I came away with two new kits, a gift for all three kids, new accessories I didn’t even know I needed till I saw them and an autographed print.  What a brilliant day.

My husband, Awesome Dude, son, Lil Awesome and I arrived at the NEC in Birmingham, UK at around 10:30am.  The doors had only been open about an hour and the exhibit halls were already crowded and uncomfortably warm.  I decided to start at Art Materials Live.

Lil Diva's Travelling Art Journal

Lil Diva's Travelling Art Journal

To be honest I prefer to observe paintings and sketches than actually paint or draw.  I have no real talent for either but I do have an appreciation for those who do.  After stopping at various stands and watching demonstrations, I made my planned purchase.  My oldest daughter, Lil Diva, enjoys sketching fashion ideas.  She began doing this when she was about 15.  She has a flair for sketching so I buy her art supplies to encourage her.  Now I know next to nothing about sketching and the tools needed to produce quality work.  The exhibitor at the http://www.hahnemuehle.com/ stall, however, was very helpful.  I explained to him the sort of sketching that Lil Diva does and what medium she prefers to work in.  He advised what sort of paper would be suitable and showed  me a selection of sketchpads.  I immediately spied the little travel journal and knew it would be perfect for her.  Many times Lil Diva comes up with these really cool ideas for an outfit or accessory but by the time she gets home to sketch it out she’s forgotten what it was she came up with.  With the travel journal, Lil Diva can jot them down when she thinks of them before she loses her inspiration.  She can sketch her ideas virtually anywhere and then polish them up later when she has access to her art supplies.

You can find out where this exhibitor will be appearing next by checking the trade fair schedule on their website.  If you don’t want to wait that long or can’t get to the show, have a look at the Canson Wire Bound Universal Recycled Sketch Book.
It’s 5.5 x 8.5 inches and contains 100 sheets of 65lb recycled paper.

As it was getting close to lunch time, I decided not to linger at any booths but did a walk through and made mental notes of stalls I wanted to investigate after we had eaten.  Well that was the plan anyway.  There was one stall which caught my attention so I decided to investigate quickly.

As I said it was a really long day and this will turn into an equally long blog if I write about it all now.  Besides, it’s time to get dinner on the table.  We’ll speak again real soon.

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