A Day At The Craft Show, Part 5

As you may recall, my husband, son and I spent an enjoyable Sunday (8 November 2009) at the International Craft and Hobby Fair at the NEC, Birmingham, UK.

This is the final installment on my day at the International Hobby and Craft Fair.  I’d like to thank all those who have been following along and patiently waiting to find out which craft stand I’ve been alluding to so far.

Rooster Metacreations 002

Founded by Mr. Scott Rooster, Roosters Metacreations is proof positive that something as mundane as recycling can be creative.  With an artist’s eye, Mr. Rooster doesn’t just see what the scrap metal is but rather what it could become.  By utilizing a process which restores the metal to its original state, Mr. Rooster creates some of the most iconic images of our time as well as original pieces of his own.  After the metal is restored, Mr. Rooster painstakingly welds his creations together.  Once assembled, the painting can commence.  This is a very imaginative and skillful process as some of the sculptures can carry up to ten different colours.

Rooster Metacreations 001I was drawn to Roosters Metacreations because I have an affinity for off-beat items.  What could be more off-beat than metallic sculptures made from old, junked out stuff?  And not even specialist, junked-out stuff.  The items that Mr. Rooster uses in his artwork can be found in our own homes.  Cutlery, screws, graters, bicyle chains, nothing is off limits.  I must have spent a good 20 minutes at that stand.  I just couldn’t stop gazing at the things this very talented man had created single-handedly.  There was a flamboyant and statuesque flamingo, a handsome locomotive, an R2D2 (friendly alien), a Dalek (not-so-friendly alien) and a brightly,’feathered’ rooster (of course).

Rooster Metacreations 004

While fanciful and amusing, what struck me most about this exhibit was the fact that no matter how many times I looked at each piece, I would see something I hadn’t seen before.  I believe a well-executed piece of art,  like a well-written novel, should always present the viewer or reader with something new every time it’s revisited.  This quality is what keeps you coming back.  It makes you wonder what you’ll discover next.  This is what makes art, of any kind, enduring.

Another thing that struck me about these pieces was the colour palette.  If I were to name the colours used on some of these works you would probably think the pieces were garish and tawdry.  But you’d be wrong.  These colours are cleverly put together so they do work well together.  This is a testament to Mr. Rooster’s eye.

Rooster Metacreations 003

But the main  reason I spent so much time at this stall was because it was…fun.  I chatted with Mr. Rooster for a bit about his work.  He explained that the pieces used to create this horse’s head were put together in such a way that neither side is same as the other.  It is definitely one of my favourites but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it.  I just don’t have the right setting to do it justice.  With its beautiful burnished, bronze colouring, I feel it would be more at home in an old-fashioned study.  The kind with oakwood paneling, rich leather recliners that practically wrap themselves around you, and a roaring fireplace.  The entire stall was bright, gleeful and inviting.  To have such talent is a blessing on him.  To share that talent is a blessing on all of us.

Somehow I managed to wrench myself away from the booth and went off to make my planned purchases.  However, for the rest of my time at ICHF, I had a recurring thought, a memory actually, running through my mind.  It’s like when you have a song stuck in your head only in my case it was a cartoon.  I enjoy cartoons, especially Looney Tunes, and often watch them with my children.  I grew up on Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.  In 1955, Merrie Melodies released ’One Froggy Night’.  It tells the story of a man who discovers a singing frog.  Believing this was his ticket to Easy Street, the man tries to promote his find with disasterous results.  And what, you may wonder, prompted this endless rerun.  It was a little frog with a top hat that had been on display at Roosters Metacreations.  As soon as I spotted it I remembered that wonderful cartoon.  Mr. Rooster admitted that he had been inspired by that ’toon.  Watch this short clip from YouTube and you can see why this little character is so endearing.

While I was visiting Roosters Metacreations, my eyes kept returning to the little frog and I could almost hear him singing his songs again.

As I stopped at other stands and made my purchases, the cartoon kept running through my mind (hello, ma baby, hello, ma honey, hello, ragtime gal…).  I knew I had to have him.  Unfortunately, I had already spent all the money I had budgeted and I couldn’t afford my little froggy (everybody do the Michigan Ra-ag…).  I was so disappointed as I had developed feelings for the little, green guy (I’m just wild about Harry…).  My husband, with his amazing rader that can pick up a shift in my moods, asked me what was wrong.  I explained to him about the frog and how I really, really, REALLY wanted that frog.  Really…Wanted…Frog…Really.  With the holidays looming we were all curbing unnecessary spending so we could afford gifts for Christmas, so I never asked him to buy it for me.  But he did anyway.  Isn’t he wonderful?  So with a fistful of pounds I headed back to Roosters Metacreations and scooped up my little frog.

Dancin' Frog

Froggie now sits my desk at  home where I can look at him over and over again.  I’ve never purchased artwork before.  I’ve never seen any artwork that I wanted.  I mean that wasn’t worth millions.  Who would have thought that some allen wrenches and screws could produce something so whimsical?  Well, I suppose Mr. Rooster did.

If you have a taste for the quirky, click here now and visit Roosters Metacreations and have a browse through his three gallerys.

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