Day At The Craft Fair, Part 2

As you may recall, I spent Sunday, 8 November, at the International Craft and Hobby Fair accompanied by my husband, Awesome Dude and my son, Lil Awesome.  (Two more patient males you would be hard-pressed to find.  I must treat them to an exhibition they’ll appreciate.)  After breaking for lunch, we headed back to the show arena.

We went over to the Crafts for Christmas arena before returning to the craft section.  My son spied a stall that was selling wooden construction kits and went over to check it out.  The show area was very, very crowded and I was concerned about our getting separated and losing sight of him.  But this was the first time he had shown an interest in anything crafty for years.  I wasn’t about to spoil the moment by getting all over-protective.  Besides, as his Dad pointed out, Lil Awesome had his mobile so if he did get lost all he had to do was call us and we’d arrange a meeting point.

We left the little guy to peruse the variety of construction kits and strolled over to look and some quirky sauce pots from John Hermansen Pottery.  On display were four different  sauce pots shaped into different animals.  And, included in the price, they came with their own sauces.  The chicken was accompanied by cranberrry sauce, the cow was escorted by horseradish sauce, the lamb kept company with mint sauce and the pig was partnered up with apple sauce.  Cute.  These sauce pots are hand-crafted at John Hermansen Pottery and are available directly from the studio or you can order online.  I think these pots are sweet, but if they’re not to your taste, you can contact studio and have a chat about commissioning a piece.




Fantasy Villa

Fantasy Villa

When we caught up with my son, he was still at the Quay Imports stand.  He couldn’t decide between a jeep or a villa.  The jeep looked manageable for someone his age but the villa seemed a bit ambitious.  And this is coming from someone who used to do model airplanes.  I helped him come to a decision by pointing out that:  1) the finished villa on display was put together by someone who probably had more experience than he did; 2) the villa had loads of parts which could end up getting lost and, 3)  given his attention span, he may lose interest in it if he couldn’t finish it in a couple of days.  He opted for the jeep and we carried on browsing.

If you enjoy a challenge, why not have a go at the Fantasy Villa?  Go on check it out.

The next stall we stopped at was so amazing, it deserves a blog all to itself.  So stay tuned for the next installment.

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