Don’t Make New Year Resolutions, Make Changes

Hoping you all had a lovely festive season and wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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The old routine is back in place here in the UK. The holiday season is officially over and most everybody is back at work or school. Now that it’s quiet, I have time to look back on the year just gone and to look forward to the year ahead; much like the two-faced god of Roman mythology, Janus.

Every year I always resolve to do things differently.  I think,

‘This is the year I’m going to get my life together. I’m going to lose weight, get in shape, sort out the finances etc,’  I usually get off to a great start, but somewhere along the way all my resolutions always seem to crumble in the face of reality. The reality being I simply don’t have the time to make all the changes necessary to realise my ambitions by the end of the year.

So maybe I should just stop making resolutions all together.  Maybe I should stop trying to improve myself and my situation and just learn to live with it.

But I can’t. I won’t.

Not when I know that my goals are not unobtainable.  Not when I know there is a way to break through the wall that inevitably comes between me and my goals.

Maybe the problem lies in the resolutions themselves.  They’re just too general. Instead of saying, ‘This year I’m going to lose weight,’ I should say, ‘This year, I’m giong to cut back on the junk food.’  Instead of saying, ‘I’m going to exercise more,’ I should say, ‘I’m going to attend a weekly exercise class.’  Instead of trying to erase all the outstanding debts at once, I should concentrate on the largest one first.  If I just focus my efforts on those three small changes, I’ll that little bit closer to realizing my goals.

It’s worth a shot.

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2 Responses to Don’t Make New Year Resolutions, Make Changes

  1. Mama Kelly says:

    Hi Zulma … I finally broke down and registered on your site so I can comment (not sure what’s taken so long)

    I have some specific goals for this year and specific behaviors I’ve identified that need to change to accomplish them. But, I have let go of the need to lose a specific amount of weight or save a specific amount of money. Instead I’m making the journey the resolution and accepting that I will mess up along the way.

    My hope is simply to end the year closer to my goals than I currently am.

    I am hoping that this new attitude will allow me to pick myself up and dust myself off and get back on track more quickly (with more forgiveness and less blame) when I do fall short.

    May 2011 be a year of blessings for you!!!!

    • phoenix2327 says:

      Hi, glad to have you on board.

      You made a very good point about not setting specifics. I mean it’s great if we can reach them. But if for whatever reason we don’t reach them, a lot of the time we tend to beat ourselves up about it. It gets harder to try again because of the fear of failure. Eventually we just abandon our goals and then carry a load of guilt for not having achieved anything.

      ‘Making the journey the resolution.’ I like that. I bet that would make a nice addition to your Zazzle collection.

      Wishing you a blessed 2011 and thanks again for stopping by.