Fairies, Fairies Everywhere

When my youngest daughter, Sleeper Girl, was eight years old, she had a fascination with fairies.  There was a fairy for every aspect of her life.  There was the School Fairy, the Homework Fairy, the Sleep Fairy (naturally) and the Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Fairies (respectively). There was a even the Shoe Fairy.  According to Sleeper Girl, she was responsible for maintaining the world’s supply of shoes.  When I explained to her that shoes were made by elves at night while the cobbler slept, she waved it aside saying, ‘The Shoe Fairy is their supervisor.’

Shortly after this enlightening discussion, I was perusing my Cross Stitcher Magazine (May 2001, Issue No. 108) when  I came across a sweet collection of pastel-coloured cross stitch fairies designed by Ms. Sharonlee Holder.  Wasting no time, I went to work.

I went through my collection of needlework supplies (which I keep in my trusty Rolling Robox) and found a square of 14 ct, cream aida large enough for me to stitch all six fairies. Then I went through my DMC thread collection and gathered together all the floss I would need.  I even found some gold metallic thread which I used on the ‘Dancing Fairy’ to add a touch of sparkle to her wand and fairy dust.

This is an ideal project for cross stitching beginners.  The designs consist of whole and back stitches and measure 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ (6cm x 6cm).  One fairy can easily be stitched in one evening.

In less than a week the fairies were stitched up and mounted in two frames each fitted with a three-aperture mounting board.  I had purchased these frames from a vendor at an International Craft and Hobby Fair (ICHF) exhibition thinking they might come in handy one day.

The beauty of these designs can be found not only in their appearance but also in their versatility.  They are suitable for framing, of course.  But they work as well as for creating small greeting cards, place cards for themed parties, plant pokes to add embellishment to indoor potted plants. They would also look lovely on clothing and accessories.

With the variety of materials and colours available nowadays, it would be a shame to limit yourself to white or cream aida canvas.  Try a sky blue  32ct linen or a sunshine yellow hardanger. Add some glitz with metallic threads, as I have done for the ‘Dancing Fairy’, or with a few  strategically placed beads.

To view my interpretation of these fairies, go to my Gallery page.

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