All Our Yesterdays Sample By Faye Whittaker

'All Our Yesterdays' Sample by Faye Whittaker Photo by Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon ©2013 All Rights Reserved

Faye Whittaker is a popular British artist.  The influence of seaside towns such as Southport, Lancashire, where Ms. Whittaker was born and raised, is evident in her artwork.

Her ‘All Our Yesterdays’ series captures the essence of these towns and the innocence and simplicity of a by-gone age.  Her watercolour paintings, which have been adapted for cross-stitch, are well known in stitching circles.

In this little sample, we find ourselves at a seaside resort during the Edwardian era.  As we stroll along, it begins to drizzle.  We now take cover under an awning and wait for the rain to stop.  From our shelter, we see perched on a low stone wall, two small children, a girl and a boy dressed in period beachwear.  Being true Brits, they have learned to adapt to the mercurial English weather.  The boy has brought an umbrella which he opens and holds over the girl’s head.  Such chivalry from on so young.  The youngsters know rain is part of English life, and you just have to work around it.


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