Free Spirits by Design Works

While contemplating the vast expanse of the Great Plains, your eyes notice a small cloud come up over the horizon.  At first you dismiss it as a small dust devil. As the cloud gets closer though, you see that the ‘dust devil’ is really a small group of three horses running with wild abandon across the flat landscape.  As you stare in awe at the living incarnation of freedom and spirit racing past, you feel a twinge of envy; if only you could throw off your responsibilities and join them in their race to live.     

The small band gallops through a small creek, leaving a fine spray of sparkling water in their wake.  A sudden breeze blows some of this spray into you face; it is crisp and invigorating and once again you find yourself wishing to take flight with the unruly trio of Free Spirits in their quest for life.     

Watching them fade into the distance, you know you’ve seen a sight few ever see.  You’ve seen freedom as it is meant to be; unleashed, unfettered, free to roam where it will.    

Free Spirits by Design Works

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