Take A Sprinkle of Fairy Dust by Sharonlee Holder

Sprinkle of Fairy Dust Pt. 1

Sprinkle of Fairy Dust Pt. 2

I created this collection of whimsical fairies for my daughter, Sleeper Girl. As a youngster she had a fascination with fairies.  When I gave her these cross-stitch fairies, I told her what sort of fairy each one was.  She then told me what each fairy did.

The Butterfly Fairy:

The Butterfly Fairy

Her job is to look after all the butterflies.  She makes sure they all come out of their little bags (cocoons) all pretty and ready to fly away.

The Flying Fairy:

The Flying Fairy

She makes sure that all things that are supposed to fly stay up in the air.  ’You mean birds and bees and stuff like that,’ I asked her.  ’All the things that fly,’ she responded.  ’What about airplanes and gliders,’ I persisted. ‘All the things that fly,’ she insisted.  Sleeper Girl is nothing if not resolute.

The Toadstool Fairy:

The Toadstool Fairy

I don’t know why there is a Toadstool Fairy.  I think mushrooms are nasty.  But she looks after them anyway.

The Violet Fairy:

The Violet Fairy

All flowers have fairies to look after them.  She had a point. Cicely Mary Barker created an entire world of flower fairies.

The Flower Basket Fairy:

The Flower Basket Fairy

This is the fairy that helps Nan collect the flowers from her garden and make pretty bouquets.

The Dancing Fairy:

The Dancing Fairy

She’s the fairy that helps little girls learn to dance ballet.  I don’t want to learn to dance ballet.  I don’t like what they wear and I don’t like pink.

Sleeper Girl had such a lively imagination.  She still does.  Every now and then she will put pen to paper and give her imagination a voice.  You can read some of her stories at Mistress Chaos 666′s Blog.

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