Introducing KFC Bob

Every now and then my husband and I like get away from the old homestead and have some ‘us’ time.  It’s an opportunity for Awesome Dude and me to stop being parents for awhile and just be ourselves again.  It gives us a chance to talk to each other without our kids eavesdropping or interrupting.  It’s also a break from having to deal with the latest teen trauma.

Recently, we had a lovely dinner at our favourite Mexican restaurant in town.  It was like old times before the routine of child-raising took priority over all else.  We chatted, laughed, had a few drinks and lingered over a wonderfully prepared meal.  Good times, good times.

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not like we just left them to fend for themselves.  They’re 21, 19 and 15; old enough to be trusted not to burn the house down.  The cupboards were far from bare and all three know how to cook (cleaning up afterwards is still an issue, though).  We also left them some money so they could get a takeaway if they didn’t fancy cooking.

When we returned from our evening out, my youngest daughter, Sleeper Girl, was on her own in the front room.

‘Hey,’ she greeted us.  ‘Did you have nice time?’

‘Very nice, thanks,’ I replied.  ‘Where is everyone?’

‘Lil Diva’s gone out and Lil Awesome is in his room.  He took the laptop with him.’

‘They just left you by your lonesome?  That’s not nice.’

‘It’s OK, I made this.  I’ve named him…Bob.’

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‘I’m guessing you guys opted for a takeaway, then.’

‘How’d you guess?  I took a picture on your camera.  Have a look.’  She held my phone to my eye level.  ‘Now you can see Bob every time you use your phone.’

(sigh) She really needs to get out more.


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