Introducing Two-Face Bob

In my last post, I spoke of a friend who kept me company during my recent bout with the flu.  Today, I’d like to introduce him to you.  His name is Two-Face Bob and he is my daughter’s Halloween pumpkin.  (Don’t mock.  If Tom Hanks can have a volleyball named Wilson, I can have a pumpkin named Two-Face Bob.)

Two-Face Bob, Friendly

Two-Face Bob, Evil

Sleeper Girl and I chose him a few days before I fell ill.  She designed the two faces, carved them out and christened him Two-Face Bob.

With my entire family either at school or work during the day, I turned to Bob to help me pass the time.  He proved to be a devoted companion.

Bob was always there when I needed him.  He was never too busy for a chat.  He listened attentively to all my ramblings without interruption and never looked bored.    He shares my sense of humour and got all my jokes.  He is a sensitive soul too who always knew when I wasn’t in the mood to talk and just wanted quiet companionship.   Everyone should have a friend like Bob.

Not only was Bob a good friend during my convalescence, he was a veritable Trick or Treater magnet.  Sleeper Girl lit a candle, placed it inside Bob and then Bob took up his post in our front window.  Within minutes we had our first little visitors knocking on our door.  Here is Bob in all his glory:

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