Itchin’ to Get Stitchin’

These past couple of weeks I’ve spent re-discovering old stitching projects and writing about them has given me the stitching bug again.

I know there are many of you who could easily stitch all day, every day.  I can too.  Just not 24/7/365.  I could go for four or five months at a time happily stitching away and then the process turns from a joy to a chore.  That’s when that I turn my attention to other things.

It’s been nearly a year since I picked up a needle,  but in the last few days the urge has returned and I’m feeling more myself again.

There where some issues though before I could get back in the swing of things.  You see when I last stopped stitching, it was in the middle of a fairly large design.  So before I could start again, I had to remember where I’d finished.  And before that, I had to get organized.

First I had to find my things.  My family don’t seem to understand that my things are my things.  My floss and needles are not for sewing buttons on trousers or mending seams.  And my needles certainly should be returned from whence they came.  Not left embedded in the carpet where they can be stepped on.  By me.

Once I found all the needles I could (and it still isn’t enough) I had to tidy up my area.  Another thing that my family seem to think they share with me.  Since someone has made off with my tablecloth (Not me, Mom) dust has gathered on my threads.  So they needed to be shaken clean.  My poor chart, which had been mauled by a delinquent cockatiel, needed to be mended and made whole again.  More or less.

Finally, I had to find a new starting point.  I knew I hadn’t finished the section I left off at and I simply couldn’t remember what I had left to do.  So I decided to pick it up somewhere new.  It will all meet up at some point I’m sure.  Here’s where I stand at the moment:

My Progress As Of 06 November 2009

My Progress As Of 06 November 2009

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