My First Sewing Project

Hello, everyone.  It’s good to be home again.

I’ve just returned from a family holiday in Cornwall on the English coast.  It is a magical place of golden beaches, crystal blue waters, wonderful scenery, ancient history, hearty food, in short, there’s something for everyone.  I’m feeling pretty chilled.

Usually I do big cross stitch designs which require a large area to work in comfortably.  That was something we wouldn’t have at our small holiday cottage so before we left, I searched through my stash of cross stitch kits for a small, easy project I could work on while we were away.

I came across the ‘Greek Island Bookmark’ kit by Michael Powell.  I purchased this back in November 2009 at the ICHF and had been working on it intermittently for a few weeks.  This would be the perfect project to relax with after a long, hard day of family togetherness.

Most of my completed designs invariably end up as wall hangings due to their large size.  They just don’t lend themselves well to anything else like, cushions, for example.  While they do give our house a homier feel, my husband noted that we just didn’t have enough wall space for all my completed works.  ‘Buckingham Palace wouldn’t have enough wall space for all your designs,’ remarked Awesome Dude.  A slight exaggeration, perhaps, but it was a fair point.

In addition to a lack of wall space, there is also the cost of framing.  That’s when I began looking at other, less expensive options for displaying my finished works.  Cards are a economical option; bookmarks are another.

I finished stitching the bookmark while on holiday.  All that remained was to secure the tassel and felt to the aida.  This was the ideal opportunity to break in the new mini sewing machine I had received as a birthday gift.  I had read the instruction manual, but what I actually needed was hands-on experience.  After a few false starts, I finally figured out how to work the machine properly.

Here is the finished result:

Photo ©2013 Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon All Rights Reserved


And here’s a look at the back:


Photo ©2013 Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon All Rights Reserved

I just love those little, baby stitches; so cute.

Granted, the felt isn’t lined up very well, but for a first attempt I don’t think it turned out too badly.  Besides, you can’t even see it from the front.  Well done to me. (patting myself on the back, literally). I think sewing may become my new thing.

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