Itchin’ to Get Stitchin’ Update

In a previous post  from November 2009, I described how the urge to cross stitch had taken hold again.  Along with that post I also published a picture of the design I would be working on again.  Just thought you might like to see how I’m getting on.  So here it is:

Progress As Of 25 Mar 2010

I think it’s coming along OK, considering I had Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s, four birthdays and an anniversary to work around.  Not mention a job and a household to manage.

Next update:  July 2010*

*Assuming, of course, I haven’t finished it before then.

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20th Wedding Anniversary Dinner at Chimichanga

The surprise was dinner for two at a new Mexican restaurant, Chimichanga, in Peterborough city centre.   Awesome Dude had no trouble finding the restaurant so consequently we arrived 40 minutes early.

From the moment we stepped in, I felt that we were in for a special evening indeed.  The simplicity of the decor seemed to transcend itself to a level of sophistication that made me feel a bit self-conscious.  For a minute I thought we would be asked to leave as we were not suitably attired.

Not only were we not cast out, we were greeted warmly by a hostess who wasn’t the slightest bit put off by our early arrival.  She was very friendly and engaged us in chitchat as she showed us to our table and took our coats.  Our waitress was also attentive and we felt as if she was there for us and us alone.  After giving her our drinks order, we had a look at the menu.

After a few moments, we realised we had a problem on our hands.  Everything sounded really, really good.  Should I get the Jalapeno Bullets? Nachos? Crab Cakes?  If I was having this much trouble with just the starters, you can imagine the anguish I had trying to pick a main course.  The wraps looked promising?  A paella maybe? How about something off the grill?  Decisions, decisions.

By the time we got our drinks, we had finally made our choices.  For starters, Awesome Dude ordered Texas Fries.  This consisted of a generous portion of straight cut chips smothered in chilli and covered in cheese.  I ordered Buffalo Hot Wings.  They were beautifully seasoned and the chef managed to strike the delicate balance between tangy and spicy.  They left my mouth tingly but not painful.  Fabuloso.

Next up, the main event.   Mexican paella for him, tiger prawn fajitas for me.   The paella, a rice dish which included chicken, tiger prawns and chorizo sausage arrived in a bowl large enough for me to soak my delicates in.  My main course was brought out in stages.  Arriving first in a sizzling iron skillet, the tiger prawns were carefully placed on the table.  They were nestled on a brightly-coloured bed of red and green peppers and red onions. The fragrant aroma that rose from the scorching hot skillet was divine.  I could easily have sat there all night just inhaling the intoxicating perfume, lost in my own thoughts.  A culinary aromatherapy session, of sorts.  Then came the tortillas and the toppings:  pico de gallo, shredded Monterey jack cheese, sour cream and guacamole.  Once the meal had been served, the waitress did a final check to make sure we had everything we needed to enjoy our meal and then left us to it.

The chef really knows his way around the spice rack.  As with the Buffalo Hot Wings, the perfect balance between flavour and piquancy had been achieved.  And the portions were just right, for me anyway.  My husband though was having a little trouble with his paella.  As I mentioned, his portion was certainly generous and though he really enjoyed it, in the end he had to admit defeat.  Putting his fork down, my husband muttered that this wasn’t over and vowed to return to do battle again.  I smiled politely as my thoughts turned towards dessert.

After wallowing in decadent fragrances and flavoursome cuisine, it was time to change the record and order something light and sweet.  Key Lime Pie looked like a good candidate so I opted for that.  The light, creamy texture and citrusy flavour was the perfect counterpoint to the meal we had just had.  I offered a bite to my husband but he just glared at me.

This restaurant definitely made on to my hit list of favourites and I will be returning with other family members and friends in tow.  Thank you, dear husband.  (I can’t wait to see what he has in mind for our real anniversary.)

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20th Wedding Anniversary Week

My husband turned all mysterious and secretive last week.  Normally this sort of behaviour piques my curiosity.  I would hover around him like a mosquito and pepper him with questions.  But this time I was busy trying to complete an overdue writing assignment so I let it go.

On Thursday, he announced to the kids that he was taking me out to dinner Saturday night.  I looked up at him briefly then carried on typing.

‘I’ve made the reservations for 7 o’clock,’ he informed us.  Turning to me he continued.  ’We need to leave here at 6 sharp cause I don’t really know where it is.’  Now he had my full attention.

You see, it’s normally me who makes all the arrangements for a night out.  Awesome Dude’s primary contribution to an evening out is transport and cash.

‘And what has brought all this on,’ I queried.  ‘It’s our 20th wedding anniversary,’ he replied.  ‘Nearly,’ I said.  ‘It’s actually on Wednesday the 24th.’  ‘Yes, I know,’ he countered, ‘but it’s just easier if we go out on Saturday.’  I took exception to this and told him as much. 

‘Our wedding day and all subsequent anniversaries are our special days,’ I lectured him.  (Men love when you do that.)  ‘They’re not like American presidents’ birthdays that can be swapped around to whatever day is suitable.’

Still I was touched that he organized a dinner all by himself (bless him).  ‘So where are we going,’ I asked.  ‘Not telling,’ he answered.  ‘It’s a surprise.’  ‘But I need to know what to wear,’ I explained.  ‘Don’t worry about it,’ he replied.  ‘You always look nice no matter what.’  Honestly, men just don’t have a clue.

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Free Spirits

As you may have read recently, I was going through my annual ritual (i.e. stress-out) of what to get Sleeper Girl for her birthday.  Now some of you may wonder why an incorrigible stitcher like me would find gift-giving a problem.  Surely all I need to do is get out my trusty needle and thread and whip something up for her.  Well, I did actually whip up something for her.  It took six months of whipping up but on Christmas Day I presented Sleeper Girl with a cross-stitch entitled ‘Free Spirits.  Looking back on it now, I should have just given it to her for her birthday.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing.  

Sleeper Girl is horse mad and when I saw this design I knew she would love it.  She and I christened it ‘Free Spirits’.  This may or may not be its real title.  I stitched this so long ago I don’t remember the actual title or who designed it.  I couldn’t even tell you if I bought the kit or just the chart.  (If anyone can enlighten me please feel free.)  

This design of three horses running measures 24″ x 9″ and was worked on a 14 ct white aida using mostly cotton floss.  The minute sprinkles of water dotting the front of the horses as well as sections of the splashing water was done using white rayon floss.  The floss is softer than cotton and has a soft sheen to it.  This feature of the floss gives the showering water droplets a subdued sparkle lending the gentlest touch of realism to the overall design.  The design is done in whole stitches with the horses partially outlined in backstitch.  

This was my first time using rayon floss.  Because the texture of the rayon is less rough than cotton, maintaining the tension of the stitches was a problem.  I was forever checking and correcting the rayon stitches because they would loosen quite easily.  Especially in areas were only one single stitch of the rayon floss was required.  It was nearly impossible to secure these sorts of stitches.  By the time I was finished with the design I swore I would never again work with rayon or any similar type floss.  The final result is lovely but I didn’t think I could go through all that again.   Having said that however, I did stitch this design before I discovered Thread Heavenand Able Stretcher needlework frames.      

Thread Heaven

Thread Heaven is a soft waxy substance designed to condition threads and embroidery floss.  With Thread Heaven the floss slides through the material with less drag.  This saves a lot of wear on the floss so the last stitch I do at the end of the floss looks just as good as the first stitch.  It also helps the stitches maintain their tension.      

Able Stretcher Needlework Frame

I’ve already discussed Able Stretcher needlework frames in a previous post so I’ll just briefly say I wish I had had one when I was working on this design.  Even with the largest embroidery hoop I could handle, I still had to remove it to work on different sections of the design.  This usually meant some stitches would get crushed and lose some of their tension.  This was bad enough with regular cotton floss but with the slippery rayon I didn’t dare use a hoop at all.  I had to try to stretch the section I was working on by hand.  The end result was the tension on the rayon stitches wasn’t as taut as they needed to be.  Had I had an Able Stretcher frame this would not have been an issue.  I could have placed the fabric in the frame and not have to remove it till I was finished stitching.      

Never mind.  At least now I have these in my arsenal.  Perhaps I’ll have a second look at some of those kits and charts I passed up before because they incorporated those shiny, slippery, hard-to-handle flosses.  Hmm…I might even have another go at it.  

You can view ‘Free Spirits’ on my Gallery page.    

UPDATE:  I’ve just discovered the actual name of this piece really is ‘Free Spirits’ by Design Works.

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Sweet Indulgence



I spent the weekend just gone in an orgy of shameless self-indulgence.  When I wasn’t cross-stitching, I was playing The Sims 2.  It was a calculated act of rebellion against adult responsibilities and I loved every moment of it.  Sheer bliss.


It’s important for me to have times when I can think of no one but myself.  It helps me  re-align my priorities, I guess.  It reminds me that I am person with wants and needs that deserve as much attnetion as anyone else’s.  After indulging myself in this way, I find that I’m less irked by the demands that work and family place on me.  I love my family, but sometimes I get frustrated knowing that despite all my careful teachings my children still haven’t mastered basic life skills like shutting the door.

My two oldest, Lil Diva and Sleeper Girl, have both left school, are gainfully employed and quite proud of the fact they earn enough not to need much financial support from us.  But when it comes to basics like getting dressed for work, it’s still a case of ‘Mom, where’s my belt?  Mom, where are my socks?  Mom, did you wash my shirt?  I need it for work.’  They treat me like their personal wardrobe mistress.  Do they imagine that I exist only to satisfy their whims; that I just sit immobile until summoned to fulfill their wishes?  (Sorry, didn’t mean to go into a rant.)

My point is taking time out for me is a good thing.  And I don’t see why I should deny myself.  When I give some of my precious time to myself, it’s so much easier to then give it to someone else when they need it.  Having re-learned that lesson this weekend, I have been taking more time out to do my cross-stitch, play with my Simmies and, well just take some time for myself.

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Happy Birthday! Here Have Some Money


As I wander about in Limbo, time holds very little meaning for me.

One morning I woke up and realized it was my youngest daughter Sleeper Girl’s birthday the following day.  I spent the rest of the day trotting from shop to shop conducting my own personal scavenger hunt in an attempt to find a gift for her that she hadn’t already received for Christmas.  It was an exercise in futility.  Every idea I tossed out was shot down by my husband in verbal game of skeet shooting.

‘What about some new clothes from Rampage,’ I suggested to Awesome Dude.  ‘You know, that skater shop she really likes.’  ‘Didn’t Lil Diva (her older sister) say she was taking Sleeper Girl there for a massive shopping spree as a combination Christmas/Birthday gift’, Awesome Dude asked.  ‘Oh…yeah, that’s right,’ I replied.  Off we trooped to Queensgate Shopping Centre. I remembered Sleeper Girl had been excited about ‘Dragon Age: Origins’,an Xbox 360game that she had seen in a TV advert.  As I neared the shop, Awesome Dude reminded me that her brother, Lil Awesome had already gotten it as his birthday present to her.  All righty then.  ‘Well,’ I ventured, what about ‘Mirror’s Edge’?She’s quite keen on that game too.’  ‘Her uncle’s getting her that one.’  ‘Well, isn’t that nice of him,’ I said perhaps a bit more testily than I had intended.  Undeterred, I carried on looking.  The latest Black-Eyed Peas CD?Got it from Grandad.  A new coat?  Her other uncle had already taken care of it.  I finally admitted defeat and headed home.  What do you get someone who doesn’t have everything and isn’t particularly bothered about it?  I had to settle for the old stand by:  money.

I’ve never been comfortable giving money as a gift.  It seems to say, ‘I really couldn’t be bothered to find something, so here.  Have some money.  One size fits all.’  I put a lot of thought into gift giving.  I consider the intended recipient’s likes, dislikes, personality, quirks, hobbies etc.  I really make the effort to find a gift that says, ‘I saw this and thought of you.’  (Funnily enough I don’t have a problem with receiving money as a gift.  I never think, ‘Wow, money.  Wherever did you find the time?’  Go figure.)  And yet here I was resort to giving my baby girl money as a present. 

I asked Sleeper Girl once how she felt about just getting money instead of a properly, wrapped presents for Christmas and birthdays.  ‘I’m not fussed,’ she said with one eye on her PSP and the other on her MP3 player.  ‘But,’ I persisted, ‘don’t you miss having a gift you can tear open and be surprised by its contents?’  ‘You can tear open an envelope and be surprised by how much money there is inside,’ she replied and went back to her game.  I never thought of it that way.

Lil Awesome’s birthday is five days after Sleeper Girl’s.  Yes…he received money as well.  And he was happy with it. He came home later that day with LittleBigPlanetfor his PSP. I was going to get him that.

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Wandering In Limbo

Well, well…Christmas is done and New Year’s is yet to be.  Sooo…now what do I do?

Does anyone else find the gap between Christmas and New Year’s is a bit of a non-starter.  It feels as if life as I know it has ground to a halt and been frozen in time.  I seem to be stumbling around going here and there but not really getting anywhere; doing this and that, but not really accomplishing anything.  Regular services like trash pick-up and mail deliveries, which help provide stability and routine to my life have been re-scheduled due to the holidays.  ‘Need to put the rubbish out for collection tomorrow,’ remarks my husband, Awesome Dude as he heads out the door.  ‘Youre’ a little late aren’t you, hon,’ I reply.  ‘Pick-ups are on Mondays.  You should have done that yesterday for them to collect today.’  ‘Well yes,’ he concedes, ‘but it’s Bank Holiday today.  They’re coming around to collect the rubbish on Tuesday instead which is tomorrow.’  ‘Oh…right,’ I mumble back bemused.

Add to this glitch in my system the fact I only have four days work during this time instead of five, the normal TV scheduling has been replaced with endless repeats of TV shows and movies we didn’t want to watch the first time they appeared and Easter is already rearing it’s head in the stores in the form of colourfully wrapped chocolate eggs.  I just don’t know where I am, what to do or why.

My daughter’s birthday pops up during this non-week.  Now, you would have thought that would be a fixture in time to help me focus…but no.  You see by the time Christmas rolls around, I’m pretty fed up with the whole gift-giving thing.  You know, deciding what so-and-so would like, searching the newspapers and the ‘Net  for the best prices, buying the gifts, wrappping them and getting them under the tree before the recipient is any the wiser.  Believe me two weeks of this subterfuge is enough to take the ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ out of anybody.  And now I have to do it all again not just for my daughter but for my son as well as his birthday falls just after the New Year.

You’re probably thinking, ‘Why not get their gifts while your Christmas shopping?’  Quite simply, I love a bargain.  You see, the Christmas sales here in England start even before you’ve had a chance to get the turkey out of the oven.  (There was one chain store that started their sales at noon on Christmas Eve.)  So I take advantage of the opportunity to save a few quid and get their presents then.  Also, as the family is a pretty good size one, someone will inevitably give them gifts for Christmas that I had planned on getting them for their birthdays.  So I’m better off waiting.

And I carry on waiting for time to get back in sync and I can resume my life again.  By the way:  Does anybody know what day it is?

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The Ghost of Christmas Future

Christmas Day arrived, as we knew it would. For once my husband, Awesome Dude and I, woke at a reasonable hour.  No overexcited children running into our bedroom, leaping on top of us and jumping up and down on soft, vulnerable body parts crying out, ‘Wake up!,  It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas!’  After turning to each other and whispering ’Merry Christmas’, Awesome Dude and I made our way to the kitchen to prepare a light breakfast of toast, coffee and tea. The kids, smelling food in the air, made their way downstairs and looted the gifts from under the tree.

Loaded down with toast and drinks, we entered the living room fully expecting to wade through a knee-deep sea of torn wrapping paper and discarded gift boxes. Instead all the presents had been sorted into neat little piles. The kids, Lil Diva, Sleeper Girl and Lil Awesome, were patiently waiting for us to get settled so we could open the presents together.  As I sat back sipping my coffee, enjoying this unusual scene of family bonding, I occurred to me that Christmas didn’t come this year. Moreover, it would never come again.

As any mother knows, Christmas doesn’t just happen. It is a sheer force of will that decorates the tree and house, buys and wraps the gifts, prepares and serves the feast.  It also, in a way that defies description, provides the essential essence of Christmas that wraps itself around you when you enter the house.  A feeling that revives your spirit and makes you mighty glad that you’re alive to see in a New Year.  In our family, that force came in the person of my mother-in-law, Cockney Flower.

For nearly two decades, we enjoyed this cosy feeling of love, warmth and security that we came to associate with Christmas and this lady. The high and lows of the previous 11 months seemed to melt away into perspective when Christmas came around.  We could always depend on Cockney Flower to make Christmas happen.  That is up until late November 2008 when our Cockney Flower lost her ten-year battle with cancer.

So you see, Christmas as we had always known it didn’t come this year.  It couldn’t.  What I was witnessing in our own home was the Ghost of Christmas Future.  The beginning of a new type of Christmas that only we as a family could provide for ourselves.  I don’t know how our Christmas will turn this year.  It’s something we will have to build for ourselves.  Everyone contributing something special that uniquely says ’Christmas’ to them.  And, of course, it will once again be ‘Mom’ (that’s me) that will have to make it happen.  I don’t mind saying I’m a little overwhelmed at the prospect.  I don’t have any practical experience in ‘making Christmas’, but thanks to Cockney Flower at least I have a solid foundation from which to start.  Wish me luck.

(Yes, I know Christmas is over and we are entering our second week of the New Year, but, as I will explain in a future post, I’m just coming out of Limbo and am running to catch up with the rest of the world.)

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The Perfect Christmas?

It’s just gone 10 o’clock GMT.  Dinner has long since been consumed.  The kids are, one by one, crawling off to bed tired, but expectant.  The presents are finally all wrapped up and put under the tree.  Say what you will about tinsel and lights, but to me the tree never seems to looked truly decorated until the presents are in place.  The food has been prepped, wrapped and is currently sitting in our fridge ready to be cooked for the Christmas Day feast.  I am sitting sedately at the computer surfing the ‘Net for the Christmas sales.  Everyone else may be done with buying gifts, but with two children whose birthdays will be taking place within the next 10 days,  I’m still in shopping mode.

On my left side is a bottle of Bailey’s Cream and a small glass with ice.  On my right is my hubby, Awesome Dude.  He is quietly observing the festive season in his own inimitable style.  Watching ‘Public Enemies’ on the telly.  Instead of straining my ears to catch the light, sweet tinkling of the bells on Santa’s sleigh, I am being serenaded by the staccato blasts of Tommy guns.  ‘Tis the season.

Today while stocking up on bread and milk at the store, I witnessed several shoppers on the verge of nervous breakdowns.  Their perfect Christmas was about to be ruined because there were no mince pies, Christmas puddings or fresh turkeys to be had for love nor money.  Somehow this was the fault of the harrassed shop assistants.  Or so one would think given the grief the shoppers were giving them.  ‘Tis the season.

I must have spent at least 40 years trying to get Christmas ‘right.’  Getting the right tree, the right decorations, the right presents.  I spent hours picking out the right Christmas cards to send to everyone who had sent me one.  I tried to orchestrate Christmas Day so everyone would be in the right place at the right time so Christmas would go just right.  Guess what?  I never got it ‘right’.  And because I felt I hadn’t gotten it ‘right’, I felt guilty for ruining everyone’s Christmas.  I therefore resovled to try harder and get it right next year.  And the cycle would start again.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally realised that the ‘right’ Christmas is whatever makes people happy.  OK, so maybe watching John Dilinger getting a bullet to the brain is not everyone’s cup of tea but…so what?  Awesome Dude enjoys these kinds of films.  To him, this is the ‘right’ Christmas.  The kids are developing lives of their own so they’re not into structured ‘family time’ on Christmas Eve.  The oldest is chatting to her boyfriend on her phone, the middle girl is relaxing in a bubble bath and the boy is in his room playing on his Wii.  OK, so it’s not a Disney Family Christmas.  But it’s the right Christmas for them.  And me?  Now that I’ve finally torn up my first-class ticket for a seat on the Guilt Trip, I can finally have the ‘right’ Christmas for me.

And what is the right Christmas for me?  Anything really.  With everything pretty much wrapped up, I can indulge in whatever takes my fancy.  I might do a bit of cross-stitch, read a book, have some quality time with the kids on their own, whatever I like.  Tomorrow is Christmas Day and we’re going to enjoy it together as a family.  And apart as a family.

Well, it’s getting late now.  To all of you from all of us here’s to a Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad and Festive Yule.

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A Day At The Craft Show, Part 5

As you may recall, my husband, son and I spent an enjoyable Sunday (8 November 2009) at the International Craft and Hobby Fair at the NEC, Birmingham, UK.

This is the final installment on my day at the International Hobby and Craft Fair.  I’d like to thank all those who have been following along and patiently waiting to find out which craft stand I’ve been alluding to so far.

Rooster Metacreations 002

Founded by Mr. Scott Rooster, Roosters Metacreations is proof positive that something as mundane as recycling can be creative.  With an artist’s eye, Mr. Rooster doesn’t just see what the scrap metal is but rather what it could become.  By utilizing a process which restores the metal to its original state, Mr. Rooster creates some of the most iconic images of our time as well as original pieces of his own.  After the metal is restored, Mr. Rooster painstakingly welds his creations together.  Once assembled, the painting can commence.  This is a very imaginative and skillful process as some of the sculptures can carry up to ten different colours.

Rooster Metacreations 001I was drawn to Roosters Metacreations because I have an affinity for off-beat items.  What could be more off-beat than metallic sculptures made from old, junked out stuff?  And not even specialist, junked-out stuff.  The items that Mr. Rooster uses in his artwork can be found in our own homes.  Cutlery, screws, graters, bicyle chains, nothing is off limits.  I must have spent a good 20 minutes at that stand.  I just couldn’t stop gazing at the things this very talented man had created single-handedly.  There was a flamboyant and statuesque flamingo, a handsome locomotive, an R2D2 (friendly alien), a Dalek (not-so-friendly alien) and a brightly,’feathered’ rooster (of course).

Rooster Metacreations 004

While fanciful and amusing, what struck me most about this exhibit was the fact that no matter how many times I looked at each piece, I would see something I hadn’t seen before.  I believe a well-executed piece of art,  like a well-written novel, should always present the viewer or reader with something new every time it’s revisited.  This quality is what keeps you coming back.  It makes you wonder what you’ll discover next.  This is what makes art, of any kind, enduring.

Another thing that struck me about these pieces was the colour palette.  If I were to name the colours used on some of these works you would probably think the pieces were garish and tawdry.  But you’d be wrong.  These colours are cleverly put together so they do work well together.  This is a testament to Mr. Rooster’s eye.

Rooster Metacreations 003

But the main  reason I spent so much time at this stall was because it was…fun.  I chatted with Mr. Rooster for a bit about his work.  He explained that the pieces used to create this horse’s head were put together in such a way that neither side is same as the other.  It is definitely one of my favourites but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it.  I just don’t have the right setting to do it justice.  With its beautiful burnished, bronze colouring, I feel it would be more at home in an old-fashioned study.  The kind with oakwood paneling, rich leather recliners that practically wrap themselves around you, and a roaring fireplace.  The entire stall was bright, gleeful and inviting.  To have such talent is a blessing on him.  To share that talent is a blessing on all of us.

Somehow I managed to wrench myself away from the booth and went off to make my planned purchases.  However, for the rest of my time at ICHF, I had a recurring thought, a memory actually, running through my mind.  It’s like when you have a song stuck in your head only in my case it was a cartoon.  I enjoy cartoons, especially Looney Tunes, and often watch them with my children.  I grew up on Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.  In 1955, Merrie Melodies released ’One Froggy Night’.  It tells the story of a man who discovers a singing frog.  Believing this was his ticket to Easy Street, the man tries to promote his find with disasterous results.  And what, you may wonder, prompted this endless rerun.  It was a little frog with a top hat that had been on display at Roosters Metacreations.  As soon as I spotted it I remembered that wonderful cartoon.  Mr. Rooster admitted that he had been inspired by that ’toon.  Watch this short clip from YouTube and you can see why this little character is so endearing.

While I was visiting Roosters Metacreations, my eyes kept returning to the little frog and I could almost hear him singing his songs again.

As I stopped at other stands and made my purchases, the cartoon kept running through my mind (hello, ma baby, hello, ma honey, hello, ragtime gal…).  I knew I had to have him.  Unfortunately, I had already spent all the money I had budgeted and I couldn’t afford my little froggy (everybody do the Michigan Ra-ag…).  I was so disappointed as I had developed feelings for the little, green guy (I’m just wild about Harry…).  My husband, with his amazing rader that can pick up a shift in my moods, asked me what was wrong.  I explained to him about the frog and how I really, really, REALLY wanted that frog.  Really…Wanted…Frog…Really.  With the holidays looming we were all curbing unnecessary spending so we could afford gifts for Christmas, so I never asked him to buy it for me.  But he did anyway.  Isn’t he wonderful?  So with a fistful of pounds I headed back to Roosters Metacreations and scooped up my little frog.

Dancin' Frog

Froggie now sits my desk at  home where I can look at him over and over again.  I’ve never purchased artwork before.  I’ve never seen any artwork that I wanted.  I mean that wasn’t worth millions.  Who would have thought that some allen wrenches and screws could produce something so whimsical?  Well, I suppose Mr. Rooster did.

If you have a taste for the quirky, click here now and visit Roosters Metacreations and have a browse through his three gallerys.

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