Romeo, Romeo, Why For Art Thou

I don’t read the newspapers much these days.  There’s only so much gloom, doom and celebrity gossip a person can take.  So this front page story was a welcome change.

It seems that a curious, and rather intrepid, fox cub had somehow managed to climb nearly 1,000 feet up an as-yet-to-be-completed skyscraper in London, UK.

What was he doing up there?  Who knows.  A wildlife expert states that foxes often explore their territory to ensure that would-be intruders are aware of who has squatters’ rights.  Apparently Romeo, as he has been christened by his rescuers, was determined to make a thorough job of it.  He managed to climb to the 72nd floor of the structure where he was stranded for two weeks before being discovered by a construction worker.  He has since been released back into the City.  (The fox, that is, not the construction worker.)

You just can’t help but admire Romeo’s resourcefulness in adapting and surviving in an alien environment.  If you’ve been inspired by this plucky little critter’s story, have a look at the following cross stitch charts and kits and see any of them take your fancy.

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