St. Patrick’s Day Stitching Crafts

With each passing day, I see trees, grass and all the surrounding landscape turning the lush green which heralds the arrival of Spring.

Speaking of green, it will soon be time for the wearing of the green as St. Patrick’s Day looms ever closer.  For some strange reason, I’ve never stitched anything for St. Patrick’s Day.  This year I decided to give it a go.

I searched through the various online needlework shops looking for cross stitch kits/patterns and made an odd discovery; there isn’t much out there.  I did manage to find a few things though.

Cross Stitch Patterns

I came across these two cross stitch patterns on

Measuring approximately 2¼”W x 4¼”H (based on a 14ct), this chart is just right for a novice stitcher.  The design itself has a homey appeal and comes with a small charm to add a touch of glitz.  This motif can easily be stitched in an evening or two; just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

The model above was stitched using Gentle Art Sampler Threads, also available on  The design is shown here displayed in a frame, but I feel that due to the pattern’s diminutive size, the frame overpowers the simple design.  It would however be suitable for mounting in an aperture card or on the front of a non-aperture card for a unique greeting card.

This lovely pattern, also from, measures 2½”W x 4¼”H approximately (based on 20ct) and is stitched on a 40ct silk gauze (included with the chart).  This is another design that can be completed by St. Patrick’s Day.  The varying shades of colours used here bring an elegant richness to the design.

The product description lists the coloured flosses used to complete the pattern, but they appear to come from different companies.  I’ve tried tracking down these flosses but gave up in frustration; too much work.  DMC conversions are so this would probably be an easier option.

Free Patterns

I also managed to find a couple of free cross stitch patterns in my search for St. Patrick’s Day crafts.

St. Patrick’s Day Heaven Saying



Free St. Patrick’s Day Heaven Saying













This comical saying is sure to bring a smile to your face.  Measuring, 2½”W X 4”H (based on a 14ct), this design can also be easily completed in an evening or two and would make an attractive bookmark or even a quirky fridge magnet.

If you’d like to stitch this pattern, just follow this url,–Patrick-s-Day-Sayings/St–Pat-s-Day-Heaven-Saying.-64V.htm.


St. Patrick’s Day Claire’s Celtic Cornucopia

Clare's Celtic Cornucopia


When I saw this pattern, I knew this was it. This would be my first St. Patrick’s Day cross stitch project.  The design contains everything we’ve come to associate with St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland without looking crowded; colourful without being garish; amusing without being cheesy. I just love it.

This design is larger than the previous ones I’ve mentioned, 7”H x 8”W (based on a 14ct) but could still be done in time for St. Patrick’s Day as it is mainly whole cross stitch and some back stitch used to highlight rather than outline.

You can find this pattern by clicking on the following url:


Here’s a free hand embroidery pattern for a Celtic Cross design.

Celtic Cross Pattern








The website offers suggestions on how to embroider this design. Keep in mind though, needlework is an art and imagination is king. While the designer’s suggestions are helpful, have a little fun with it and dig into your bag of tricks and make this your own unique creation.

Hope you enjoyed my suggestions for St. Patrick’s Day crafts.  Have a good one.

New York Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Image by Kevin Coles via Flickr

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