Sweet Indulgence



I spent the weekend just gone in an orgy of shameless self-indulgence.  When I wasn’t cross-stitching, I was playing The Sims 2.  It was a calculated act of rebellion against adult responsibilities and I loved every moment of it.  Sheer bliss.


It’s important for me to have times when I can think of no one but myself.  It helps me  re-align my priorities, I guess.  It reminds me that I am person with wants and needs that deserve as much attnetion as anyone else’s.  After indulging myself in this way, I find that I’m less irked by the demands that work and family place on me.  I love my family, but sometimes I get frustrated knowing that despite all my careful teachings my children still haven’t mastered basic life skills like shutting the door.

My two oldest, Lil Diva and Sleeper Girl, have both left school, are gainfully employed and quite proud of the fact they earn enough not to need much financial support from us.  But when it comes to basics like getting dressed for work, it’s still a case of ‘Mom, where’s my belt?  Mom, where are my socks?  Mom, did you wash my shirt?  I need it for work.’  They treat me like their personal wardrobe mistress.  Do they imagine that I exist only to satisfy their whims; that I just sit immobile until summoned to fulfill their wishes?  (Sorry, didn’t mean to go into a rant.)

My point is taking time out for me is a good thing.  And I don’t see why I should deny myself.  When I give some of my precious time to myself, it’s so much easier to then give it to someone else when they need it.  Having re-learned that lesson this weekend, I have been taking more time out to do my cross-stitch, play with my Simmies and, well just take some time for myself.

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Born and raised in New York City, I fancied a change and moved to England. Married, raised a family and am looking to spend my spare time enoying my personal interests.
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