Wandering In Limbo

Well, well…Christmas is done and New Year’s is yet to be.  Sooo…now what do I do?

Does anyone else find the gap between Christmas and New Year’s is a bit of a non-starter.  It feels as if life as I know it has ground to a halt and been frozen in time.  I seem to be stumbling around going here and there but not really getting anywhere; doing this and that, but not really accomplishing anything.  Regular services like trash pick-up and mail deliveries, which help provide stability and routine to my life have been re-scheduled due to the holidays.  ‘Need to put the rubbish out for collection tomorrow,’ remarks my husband, Awesome Dude as he heads out the door.  ‘Youre’ a little late aren’t you, hon,’ I reply.  ‘Pick-ups are on Mondays.  You should have done that yesterday for them to collect today.’  ‘Well yes,’ he concedes, ‘but it’s Bank Holiday today.  They’re coming around to collect the rubbish on Tuesday instead which is tomorrow.’  ‘Oh…right,’ I mumble back bemused.

Add to this glitch in my system the fact I only have four days work during this time instead of five, the normal TV scheduling has been replaced with endless repeats of TV shows and movies we didn’t want to watch the first time they appeared and Easter is already rearing it’s head in the stores in the form of colourfully wrapped chocolate eggs.  I just don’t know where I am, what to do or why.

My daughter’s birthday pops up during this non-week.  Now, you would have thought that would be a fixture in time to help me focus…but no.  You see by the time Christmas rolls around, I’m pretty fed up with the whole gift-giving thing.  You know, deciding what so-and-so would like, searching the newspapers and the ‘Net  for the best prices, buying the gifts, wrappping them and getting them under the tree before the recipient is any the wiser.  Believe me two weeks of this subterfuge is enough to take the ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ out of anybody.  And now I have to do it all again not just for my daughter but for my son as well as his birthday falls just after the New Year.

You’re probably thinking, ‘Why not get their gifts while your Christmas shopping?’  Quite simply, I love a bargain.  You see, the Christmas sales here in England start even before you’ve had a chance to get the turkey out of the oven.  (There was one chain store that started their sales at noon on Christmas Eve.)  So I take advantage of the opportunity to save a few quid and get their presents then.  Also, as the family is a pretty good size one, someone will inevitably give them gifts for Christmas that I had planned on getting them for their birthdays.  So I’m better off waiting.

And I carry on waiting for time to get back in sync and I can resume my life again.  By the way:  Does anybody know what day it is?

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Born and raised in New York City, I fancied a change and moved to England. Married, raised a family and am looking to spend my spare time enoying my personal interests.
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